Roof Moss Removal Means Healthy Roofs

Healthy Roofs

Moist shady areas on your roof are prone to growing moss. It causes roof damage by loosening shingles and creating openings for leaks. Roof moss removal maintains a healthy, damage-free roof.

Brushes and Adapters

Hard bristle brushes work best for roof moss removal. They attach to extendable poles to keep you away from the edge of the roof. Adapters are available to fit the brushes onto telescopic water poles, giving you access to steep pitches and eliminating the need of a ladder.

The Nitty Gritty

The first step in roof moss removal is scraping most of the moss using a brush. Care should be taken not to be too aggressive while scrubbing. The brushes’ hard bristles could damage your shingles. The scraped moss is blown off using a leaf blower. A vacuum system consisting of a shop-vac, several lengths of hose, a 6’ pvc pipe with elbow fitting is needed to clean the gutter system. Once the roof is prepped, a solution is sprayed to kill any remaining moss and keep it from growing back. Eco-friendly solutions that are recommended; they are highly effective and save the use of toxic chemicals.

Results You Can Trust

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is an established company with a proven record for providing high quality roof moss removal service. They are based in Nanaimo B.C. and service the central Vancouver Island area. As an accredited business by the BBB, they are guaranteed to get the job done to a high standard and keep your roof looking clean and moss free. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is licenced and insured so you can trust that liability-free pros are on site.

Huge Savings on Repairs

Keep your roof clean and damage-free to prevent leaks during rain season. A simple call to D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd could mean huge savings on costly repairs. Roof moss removal is only one of many services offered by D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd to keep your exteriors looking their finest.

For estimates or more information about their services contact:

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