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We at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd ™ are professional cleaners that will work on your home as if it were our own.

Serving Central Vancouver Island Including: Nanaimo Parksville -Qualicum - Gabriola Island - Ladysmith Chemainus - Duncan - Port Alberni

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We Perform a Wide Range of Exterior Cleaning Services

When it comes to your home or business, it is the reality that it is our biggest asset that we own. Maintaining the exterior is as important as the interior.

"We were very impressed with the D&D crew's professionalism and work ethic. They took on a significant challenge with our metal roof that had years of accumulated grime on it. They treated it like their own home and never left until it was complete to their, and our, satisfaction. Considering the work involved we also thought that the quote was fair. We will not hesitate to use their services again!" Kevin

Roof Demossing Work Safe


D & D Clean Exteriors ™ Provides a Wide Range of Exterior Cleaning Services.
Roof Moss Removal, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning and More...

Roof Moss Removal
Roof Moss Removal

Roof cleaning and sweeping is essential to the long term health of your roof and home.

Exterior house cleaning
House Washing

Home exteriors come in all manners of materials with which they are covered or clad.

Gutter Cleaning nanaimo
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a job that is best left to a professional.

Driveway Cleaning port alberni
Driveway Cleaning

Keeping your driveway clean and free of stains adds curb appeal to your home, as well as helps maintain the condition of your drive and walkways.

Deck Cleaning

To be safe to walk on and enjoyable to use, decks need cleaned. Our closeness to the ocean means we have an abundance of moss and algae that loves…

window cleaning nanaimo
Window Cleaning

When your windows are clean, your whole outlook on the world seems to improve. Clean windows can help increase the light into your home or business, and presents a taken-care-of, professional look.

Happy Customers

“If you don’t appreciate your customers, someone else will.”

D&D did an excellent job cleaning our shaker shingle roof. I liked that they were very respectful and safety conscious while on our property. Thank you for a great job and we will be having them back on an annual basis.
Russell W.
“I just wanted to let you know that your service was fantastic. Our house looks amazing. Your staff were kind and polite and did an amazing job. I will definitely refer all of my friends and family.”
Ben R.

High Quality Exterior House Cleaning at a Reasonable Price

Keeping the exterior of your home clean is important, but often forgotten or forgone task in today’s busy world. It takes time, often presents hazards or puts you in a dangerous position with wet ladders or slick shake, and the end results are not always as nice as you would really like your home to look when done. Taking care of the outside of your house is more important when you live where there are climate conditions, salt and marsh air, and lots of trees which add to the debris and grime that builds up on your roof, in your gutters, and on your siding. Experts recommend cleaning the exterior of homes in the greater Vancouver area at least once each year, with periodic roof sweeping and gutter checks between to make certain there are no unexpected holes, buildups, or blockages that can cause water to gain access to your roof, walls, and elsewhere in and around your home.

If you are tired of having to be extra careful stepping on the sidewalk so the algae does not score another casualty, it is time to contact the professionals at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. for some badly needed assistance getting your place back up to par. Our rates are very affordable, we have many years of experience, and we have high quality equipment, expertise, and concern for the environment and your house in every job we do. We have five complete house washing equipment setups, three roof demossing units, an Aztec window screen cleaner, and three other special units with flat surface rotary cleaning equipment. We can handle your steps off the deck or a full size big box store or parking lot with efficiency, quality work, and a great price.

Local Power and Pressure Washing Done Right

The standard for many years was to take a high pressure washing system, usually a pressure washer with wand, to everything in sight to knock off grime and green. Too often the use of a high pressure wash, around 2,500 psi, ended up with stripes of grime, leftover stains, or worse, paint, finish, trim and surface damage to your structures. High-pressure water easily intruded where it did not belong when pressure wash house jobs were done, namely behind siding and under shingles. It also strips paint, stain, varnish, and finishes off materials. That is why at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. we use soft wash systems and hand washing only on the walls of your home, gutters, and roof. We will do pressure washing Duncan BC and elsewhere needs completed for painting preparation if you want loose paint removed, but it is by request. Our rotary flat surface units wash and scrub in multiple directions to take even the most imbedded algae and dirt out of sidewalks, driveways, and decks.

We never use ladders up against walls when we clean, as ladders are prone to damage siding, cladding, finishes, gutters, and the edges of the roof or drip cap. All our brushes and tools are made to not scratch or mar surfaces. We try to treat every customer’s home like it was our own. We cover landscaping and walkways to catch debris, and thoroughly clean all job sites. We hand wash the outside of your gutters. Nanaimo pressure washing should be reserved for concrete, and sometimes block, stone, or brick, with care to avoid damage to mortar, and preferably with only water. When we use any chemicals of any type, they are all biodegradable and environmentally safe, and we talk with you about their necessity and use first.

Gutter Cleaning Nanaimo, Duncan, Port Alberni, Central Vancouver Island

Gutter Cleaning Nanaimo

We often get asked how we get roof gutter cleaning done so well. Our answer is experience and honest work. Our gutter cleaning is done with a combination of low pressure washing with vacuuming, making sure the interiors, downspouts and all parts of the gutters are clean. We will hand wash the gutter exteriors before we are finished, and if you have tiger stripes from straps or ferrule nails, we will scrub those off as well. Gutters are necessary to remove all the precipitation and melt runoff we experience in our area, and sagging or blocked gutters end up causing leaks. Leaks mean water affecting your roof, soffit and fascia, and walls. It can also cause washout and damage around a foundation.

High-pressure washing damages the finish on gutters and literally blows the seams and joints apart, causing leaks. Our goal is to keep your gutters from any damage, and to remove lichens, moss, algae, fungus, mold, dirt and debris that builds up in them, harboring insects, rodents, and goodness knows what. Lichens are especially problematic in our area, and are very damaging as they destroy the finish on gutters and will eat right through the gutter body. Replacement is expensive, and regular cleaning and treatment helps stop lichens from growing and spreading. Gutters that have gunk buildup and decaying organic material cause stains on the gutter facing as well as your roof and siding. Cleaning them means your entire house investment is protected.

Complete Window Cleaning Nanaimo And Screens Are Cleaned Free

We are especially proud of our cutting edge window screen cleaning unit, the Aztec Window Screen Cleaner. When we clean your exterior windows, or do a whole home cleaning package, we will clean your screens for free. This amazing unit safely cleans screens and returns them to near new condition, with the only thing it can not get off being dripped paint or caulk. We ask you to remove your screens before we arrive, but if you are having challenges, just ask our technician for assistance. We are happy to help so your screens are removed unscathed, and your fingers remain unharmed. If you are interested in seeing how this machine works, we have a short demonstration you can watch.

Environmentally Safe Expert Deck, Walkway, and Driveway Cleaning

Flat surfaces tend to get grimy in our region due to algae, moss, and dirt. Algae and fungus are especially challenging, as when they get wet, they are extremely slippery and therefore dangerous to try and walk across. Our rotary flat surface cleaners do an incredible job on removing algae, mold, mildew, efflorescence (salt buildup from osmosis), fungus, and general ground in dirt on decks, patios, steps, driveways, sidewalks, and nearly any other surface you need cleaned. With multiple crews we are able to clean very large areas in a very short amount of time, making our company ideal for big box stores, auditoriums, warehouses, parking lots, and other areas that need a good presentation that is dirt and stain free.

Deck cleaning should always be done responsibly with no harm to the deck or environment. We only use brushes and materials that do not mar or scratch any surface on any cleaning work we perform anywhere on your home or business. We always use environmentally safe compounds for all cleaning chemicals that might need applied, and we will inform you of the need and discuss it prior to the use. Even tough oil stains can be removed without damaging the pristine environment we share in the Central Vancouver area. Our materials are all biodegradable and safe for your family, pets, and plants. Our crews are highly experienced and can clean fences, stonework, brick, block, concrete, metal, and other surfaces leaving them pristinely clean.

D & D Clean Exteriors Safe, Professional Roof Moss Removal Saves Money

Roof cleaning Nanaimo and the surrounding area residents know is extremely important. Due to our climate and the abundance of moss and algae in the area, we see it regularly taking advantage of roofing materials. Moss particularly is problematic because it grows fast and is invasive because of its root structure. As it grows it causes shingles and shake to lift, allowing moisture to gain access to your roof sheathing underneath, and it does not dry. This causes deterioration and wood rot, and your roof fails. It can also lead to water commuting to other areas in the home, down walls, creating wood rot, mildew, mold, and inviting insects and critters to take up residence. Replacing a roof is an expense no one wants to face earlier than planned.

Keeping a roof swept is important as it gets wind and storm debris off the roof so it does not have a chance to decompose. It also allows inspection of the roof for damage. Sadly we often tend to roofs that have holes from limbs blown down that have created problems with a wet attic, destroyed insulation, or worse. Keeping a roof clean helps protect your investment. Using the correct methods and chemicals is also very important when cleaning or removing roof moss, as bleach is dangerous and damaging in any form. Bleach is commonly used by other companies, but is toxic and will stain, as well as cause vinyl siding to get brittle. It can easily discolor other materials on your home including wood surfaces and paint, and is toxic to people, pets, and landscaping. We only use hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring green compound that kills and prevents further growth of moss, lichens, and algae on your roof. We hand remove moss, treat it, apply cleaning agents, and rinse. We clean gutters inside and out to assure there are no blockages or moss going into the sewer systems or onto the ground.

We also make sure everything is covered before we start work, and we pick up and clean up everything before any and all jobs are complete. We want your roof to get back the life it may lose to moss, as much as 5 – 10 years, by keeping the moss and algae away. Our roof moss removal crews are highly trained in safety procedures, and with three fully equipped units we can tackle the largest roof and have it done quickly and economically. All our demossing work is guaranteed. At D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. we believe in treating a customer’s home or business just as if it were our own, and we take extra care with everything we do. Our customers are happy to share just how much they like our great customer service and work. You can view some of our testimonials to see for yourself.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd – The #1 Clean Exteriors Service
for Central Vancouver Island

Whether you need wood, concrete, stucco, brick, block, stonework, aluminum, metal, or a composite exterior surface cleaned, D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. is the Central Vancouver Island company to call. Our rates are very reasonable, we are fully licensed in each municipality participating in the Central Vancouver Island Inter-Community Program, and fully insured. Our staff is covered by WorkSafe BC insurance. We take protecting the environment very seriously, just like we take protecting your house materials and surfaces with extreme care and professional, experienced cleaning. Whether you need your home walls or roof cleaned, roof moss removed, gutters or windows cleaned spotless, or decks, railings, stairs, walks, or drives cleaned safely and thoroughly, call us. We always return calls and every estimate is done free of charge.

If you are a real estate agent or broker, a commercial property investor, or are looking to sell your own home or property, we can provide a quote for a complete top-to-bottom cleaning package that will increase the sales potential for your location. Industry experts show that a freshly cleaned home or business often closes at higher final price, with a substantial return on the original investment for having it cleaned. We have multiple crews with many years of experience, and we can handle any size or quantity of units professionally and fast for a great price. Contact us for a free estimate and let’s get you better prices for your property with quality professional exterior cleaning services. You can reach us at 250-244-3696, or send in our Contact form. We service Nanaimo, Duncan, Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Gabriola Island, Spider Lake, Horne Lake, French Creek, Nanoose Bay, Parksville, Lantzville, Cedar, Yellowpoint, Cassidy, Ladysmith, Saltair, North Cowichan, and all other parts of Central Vancouver Island. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. is a member of the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

We have a number of YouTube videos showing how we do what we do, and offering advice for homeowners to help maintain their property, as well as Blogs to help with your projects. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We are local, and we take a lot of pride in what we do. Our belief in small business and honest, hard work while providing top of the line quality service is backed with affordable, fair prices. We offer packages and discounts for multiple service appointments, and we would like to offer you a convenient appointment time to become one of our very satisfied local customers. We will give you Clean Exteriors ™.

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