Terms and Conditions

Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, sent on the day of cleaning.

Payment can be made by e-transfer to payments@cleanexteriors.ca or by credit card via the link provided or by calling our office.

Cheques are only permitted by giving to the crew leader before the crew leaves your site unless otherwise approved by our office. Payment made before the due date will ensure that you do not lose any discounts or gain any late fees.

We reserve the right to use or post any pictures we take of your property for advertising or promotion.

If gutter guards are installed and our quote states “Clean inside gutters”, Only the top of gutter guards will be cleaned unless it specifically states to have gutter guards removed and reinstalled.

We are not responsible for any broken window seals due to washing the windows. Window seals are broken from normal wear and tear.

Window Screens are to be removed by the customer and placed near the front door for cleaning. If a customer can’t remove the screens, we are not responsible if the screen breaks while we try to remove it. Extra charges to remove screens will be applied to the workorder/invoice.

We are not responsible for any window screens that may be torn during the washing process. If a screen is brittle, it is due to normal wear and tear.

We are not responsible for any leaks on the roof, around windows or any other part of a house, from any of our services. Leaks are usually caused by lack of maintenance, not by cleaning.

We are not responsible for any plants being damaged during any of our services. We will take every precaution to prevent any damage but sometimes, it just happens.

Booking times for estimates and jobs are all approximate times.

If you are not home during the appointment time, we have permission to enter the property to do the estimate or the job, as scheduled.

Extra charges will apply if scope of work that goes beyond what is agreed upon on the estimate, at a rate of $180/hr./2-man crew.

Late fees due to lateness or lack of payment will be added to the invoice at a rate of 15% of the net invoice. This is at the discretion of D&D Clean Exteriors Limited.

Failure to pay the invoice may result in the loss of any discounts and possible legal action, which will include notifying the credit bureaus, placing a lien on the property and filing a claim with the BC Small Claims Court.

A cancellation fee may apply if a booked job is cancelled with less than 2 business days notice.

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