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Exterior House Cleaning in Nanaimo

House Maintenance Refers to Maintaining Both the Interiors and Exteriors of Your House.

We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

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You Need Gutter Cleaning, Nanaimo!

If you have lived in Nanaimo for long, you know we can get some snow in the winter. We are blessed with drier summers than many areas thanks to being on the lee side of the mountains in central Vancouver, but winter snows can be heavy and often. Much of our annual precipitation total of nearly 1.2 m is from snowfall, and having your gutters in good condition to carry off that melt assures your roof and home do not develop leaks. With the local tree cover, as well as calling cards left by the visitors to Buttertubs Marsh, making sure the leave, lichens, and general yuk are removed from your gutters gets water where it belongs, helps stop the stains from overflow, extending the finish and life of your gutters.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. utilizes a soft wash system for gutters that makes sure the finish and material they are made of is not damaged during cleaning, and pressure does not force joints apart and seals to break, creating leaks. We hand wash the exterior of your gutters to make sure every part inside and out are spotlessly clean. Our rates are very affordable, and we are licensed and insured. Our crews are highly safety trained, and covered by the WorkSafeBC program. We do offer package pricing when gutter cleaning is done when we demoss your roof, and it is part of our whole house exterior clean package. Let us get the lichens, algae, mildew, mold, and grime out of your gutters so your house stays stain free and dry.

Window Cleaning Nanaimo Can
See is Beautiful

Nanaimo is truly a beautiful place to live, and we enjoy the nature that surrounds us. “The Harbour City” is centrally located, and continues to grow, currently about 90,000 strong. Originally called “Snuneymuxw” by the First Nations, when Europeans arrived in 1791 they anglicised the spelling and pronunciation to what we now know as Nanaimo. Hudson’s Bay arrived in 1852 to create a settlement, and later coal was discovered. The timber industry later replaced coal, with workers laboring hard be able to own their own homes. Nanaimo now is a cultural mix with communities dating back to the gold rush days, with many people still working in the ports, or other industrial concerns in the area.

With the Strait of Georgia separating Nanaimo from Vancouver proper, Nanaimo’s many ferry terminals have provided services to many other more remote parts of the region we also service, especially the outer islands. The local residents take a lot of pride in their hard work and homes, and enjoy being able to see the beauty of their historical port city. With the snowy winters and dry summers, seeing the beauty can take a bit of work, though, keeping your windows clean. Window cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis to keep the panes, frames, and sashes free of debris, dirt, algae, and mold. Window frames are prone to deteriorate and corrode if they are not kept in good condition, regardless if they are made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, or composite.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. are experts at cleaning your windows, whether at ground level or up above on the second floor. We do not use ladders to reach windows, as they tend to mar or damage siding and the edge of your roof. Our vacuum and extension pole water delivery system assures that every part of your second story windows are cleaned thoroughly, and if you take your screens out ahead of time, we will put them through our Aztec Window Screen Cleaner. There is no charge for the service, and your screens will be good as new, as about the only thing it will not remove is paint or caulk dried onto the screen. If you are curious about this effective free service, check out our YouTube channel showing how it works. And if you are having difficulty getting your screens out, don’t fret. Our technicians will be happy to assist, as we would rather your screens do not suffer any damage in removal, and they can be a little stubborn sometimes.

Walks, Drives, Decks and More Get Professional Nanaimo Pressure Washing

The Oceanic, cool, dry Mediterranean-like summers in Nanaimo when combined with our slushy winters tends to make keeping the outside walls of our homes clean a little challenging. Exterior house cleaning should never use high pressure wands, because the finish and even material can be damaged, and high pressure can leave ugly stripes on your house. We use a soft wash system and have five crews that are fully equipped to take care of your house washing needs. Our reasonably priced house washing package gets your walls washed, gutters cleaned, and windows washed for one low rate, and if the screens are out, we will clean those too, free.

What we do use higher pressure and specialized rotary flat surface cleaning heads to clean are decks, driveways, walks, porches, and patios. Our rotary system has a multi-directional flow that makes sure grime, dirt, moss, and algae are removed from the crevices and texture of surfaces, leaving them safe to walk on and spotlessly clean. We never use any harsh chemicals, and all products we do use (sparingly) are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. If you happen to have a difficult oil stain or rust mark, we will discuss anything we might need to use to remove it before application. We want your family, pets, and plants to always be safe. We can also clean brick, block, stone work, masonry, stucco, and all manner of metal, wood, and vinyl fencing and gates. Give us a call at 250-244-3696 or send in our Contact form to book an appointment that is convenient to your schedule.

Save Big Money With Roof Cleaning Nanaimo

One of the most important things a Nanaimo homeowner needs to make sure is kept clean is their roof. We have a lot of vegetation in our area, as well as salt air, and those two create the perfect opportunity for moss and algae to take up housekeeping on your roof. Moss, lichens, and algae are especially damaging to asphalt shingles and wood or cedar shake, because they grow, eating away at the material that makes up your roof, and cause shingles or shake to lift. This creates moisture pockets and access to the sheathing of your roof, leading to leaks and expensive roof repairs or replacement long before it should be needed. Protect your investment with regular demossing of your roof. Our specialized treatment kills the moss and algae and keeps them at bay. Your roof gets a new lease on life, and your home stays free of those ugly dark stripes running down and potential damage. Call us for a free estimate on roof cleaning. We are longtime residents of the area, and have been serving Nanaimo, Duncan, and the surrounding region in Central Vancouver for many years cleaning roofs, homes, drives, decks, gutters, and windows. Let us help you protect the value and condition of your home with our affordable, quality services.

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