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House Maintenance Refers to Maintaining Both the Interiors and Exteriors of Your House.

We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

Environmentally Safe Exterior House Cleaning & Pressure Washing for Gabriola Island

Some service companies don’t like the “inconvenience” of taking the ferry to the neighboring islands and more remote parts of the greater Vancouver Island region. At D&D Clean Exteriors, we consider it a privilege to serve Gabriola Island and the surrounds area. One of the most beautiful of all parts of greater Vancouver, Gabriola Island BC is known for its serene, ecotourism, artisan, wild Pacific feeling. People come from around the world to experience the consciousness of the island that honors the land and its traditions. Whether they are staying at a resort or private stay, dining at a fine restaurant, or browsing the handcraft shops, the energy is felt and respected. Known as the Isle of the Arts, Gabriola has a thriving artist community as well as a bevy of inventors, makers, creatives, innovators, and thinkers outside the box types that make it a special place set in serene oceanic island beauty.

Many people do not realize that Gabriola Island is unique both for its ecological wonders and its historical and cultural significance. As an unceded part of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, this Pacific independent land gem provides some of the best Orca and Pacific White Sided Dolphin watching in the world. Many people come to whale watch, kayak in the bays and inlets, and breathe deep of the forest and sea salt scented air that blesses the island. Businesses on Gabriola make every effort to fit in and be green smart, including how they maintain their exteriors, dining decks, drives, and other public use areas. Making certain that not only products but processes for pressure washing and cleaning do no harm is very important for each and every job we do on the Island. And, by the way, we also do window cleaning so your guests can enjoy the beautiful sites of this magical island first hand, up close, and crystal clear.

The Gabriola Island community is dedicated to fitting into and protecting the healthy coastal forest and cool waters island environment. This highly sensitive ecological area’s environment requires a bit more maintenance on home and business exteriors due to the humidity and local winds which tend to nurture moss and deposit leaf debris. Roof moss removal is important to extend the life of your roof shingles and structure’s finish. Regular exterior house pressure washing along with removal of moss and gutter cleaning help keep property in top condition and overall may help lower maintenance costs. D&D Clean Exteriors can keep your place looking great and maintained with gutter cleaning services, pressure washing of your home or out buildings, deck and driveway washing, and other environmentally safe work. We only use earth safe and being-friendly products to perform all our services, because we want to keep Gabriola Island just as pristine as was intended. Give us a call and give us a good excuse to take that relaxing ferry ride to the wilds of Gabriola Island.

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