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We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

Quality Pressure Washing Duncan BC Makes Your Driveway and Deck Look New

Duncan has a lot of distinctions for such a small geographic area. Being the smallest by land size town in Canada, Duncan has produced more NHL hockey players than nearly any city in Canada, and has the largest collection of authentic totem poles (41) in the world. Located 50 km north of Victoria and just south of Nanaimo, Duncan enjoys a summer warm Meditteranean climate that has been home to the Cowichan tribes of the Salish Nation for centuries. In fact, Duncan has such temperate weather compared to many places in the region that the Cowichan called it Halkomelem, “the warm land”.

Warm air combined with moisture from the bays, inlets and nearby Pacific also mean we have really healthy algae that settles on decks, driveways, walks, patios, and porches around Duncan. The healthier your algae crop, the more damage it is doing to your home’s surfaces. It also means dangerous walking and even driving conditions when it gets damp, which is often. Pressure washing by a company who knows what they are doing removes the algae, takes care of the dark stripes, and does so without harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to our pristine waters, pets, and plants. When you need rotary flat surface cleaning done right, call D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd.. We serve Duncan, and are local. We can clean your deck, railings, gates, fences, stonework, walkways, and just about anything else that you have to fight algae, mold, mildew, moss, fungus, and general dirt and debris on to keep clean. Our rates are extremely reasonable and we have many years of experience.

Soft and Hand Wash Gutter Cleaning in Duncan BC Spares Damage and Mess

With over a meter of precipitation a year falling in Duncan, gutters can get a work out. Your gutters need to be cleaned regularly to keep lichens from growing on them, destroying both the finish and the gutters themselves. Algae, debris, leaves, and dirt all tend to build up in gutters, especially ends and corners. Our soft wash system uses both soft water pressure and vacuums to remove everything in your gutters, leaving them spotless. We even hand wash the outsides of them before we are finished, so they are completely clean inside and out. Blocked gutters can attract insects and rodents, as well as cause overflow and leaks that leave unsightly stains down your siding and leaks that damage your soffit, roof cap, shingle edges, walls, and roof. When you need gutter cleaning, Duncan BC, protect your investment and save a nasty cleaning job with a call to the professionals at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd.. We drape off areas prior to cleaning to make sure there is no mess, and all our cleaning agents are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Our trained, experienced crews are able to handle large or small jobs, and with multiple set-ups of equipment, we can handle both residential and commercial locations easily and quickly.

We are the #1 Demossing and Roof Cleaning Company Duncan Calls

Living in the summer-warm Meditarranean climate we enjoy in Duncan, you do need to keep an eye on your roof for moss growth and other issues. Moss and algae both take hold on asphalt shingles and wood or cedar shake and can quickly spread, causing deterioration and roof lift. Once that “seal” is broken down, your roof covering lets moisture seep down to your sheeting, commuting to walls and into your attic. A roof is a large investment when it has to be replaced, and at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. we would rather get your roof demossed and treated, saving you the mess, inconvenience, and expense associated with roofing. We are the top roof cleaning Duncan BC roof moss removal company, and have many years of experience and lots of pleased customers to prove how well we do our work. When we demoss a roof we suggest gutter or window cleaning Duncan BC knows results from the messy demossing task. We offer very reasonable packages to get everything done in one service call, saving you time, inconvenience, and money. We are licensed, insured, and part of WorkSafe BC. Let D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. help protect the investment you have in your home. We can take care of demossing and cleaning your roof, and we do it with environmentally safe, biodegradable compounds and soft wash methods that protect your home’s components and occupants. Call us a call at 250-244-3696, or visit our Contact page and send in our form for a free quote. You will like our prices, and love our highly recommended service.

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