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Clean Gutters and Why They Matter

Build-Up and Damages

After the big thaw, rain season starts. It is important to have clean gutters so rain can drain off your roof with ease. Clogged gutters block drainage of excess water and lead to costly damage of roofs, walls and foundations.

Simple Solution

Without clean gutters stubborn debris builds up and is a hassle to remove. Gutters should be cleaned annually. It protects your home against water damage throughout the year. The process is simple, but not always easy. Neglected gutters can be time consuming and physically taxing to clean.

Washing the outside of gutters keeps them looking like new!

Equipment and Safety

Clean gutters require: a shop-vac, several lengths of hose (depending on the size of the house and accessibility), a length of PVC pipe about six feet long, a PVC elbow to serve as an attachment, an extension cord, an extension ladder, a safety harness and rope to tie off. Safety is prime when working on a roof. Ensure that you have proper safety equipment before deciding to clean your gutters. Some gutters may be cleaned from the ground or from a ladder, depending on roof pitch and height.


To begin, consider an access point onto your roof. Set the ladder up in an A-Frame or fold it out, based on roof height. If folded out, the ladder needs a stand-off attachment to ensure stability. Next, plug the shop-vac into the extension cord; it is useful to tie them in a loose knot so that the vacuum stays plugged while you work. Connect the lengths of hose to the vacuum and turn it on to test that everything works. Put your harness on and grab your rope. A second person should always be present when working on a roof. Once on the roof, find an anchor and tie-off. Have your partner hand you the PVC extension attached to your hose. Turn the vacuum on and you’re ready to roll.

Professional Services

Due to cost of materials and time investment, hiring professionals to clean gutters is advisable. Safety is always of prime concern. Ensure that the company is an accredited business, has solid experience/performance in the field, is insured and follows proper safety protocols. D&D Clean Exteriors Ltd. is a great option for guaranteed clean gutters. Visit their website at www.CleanExteriors.ca. Services for clean gutters range in price depending on size, accessibility and risk factors. It is best to hire a trusted, reliable company to save complications and guarantee results. Your house will thank you for it.

For estimates or more information about their services contact:

 D&D Clean Exteriors Ltd.

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