Pressure Washing, a Second Life!

Tougher than Elbow Grease

When elbow grease won’t cut it, count on pressure washing to clean tough build-up surfaces. Keep decks and railings algae free to minimize slips and falls.  Remove dirt and mildew build-up that create grounds for allergens. Bring new life to worn or dirty surfaces without refinishing them. It’s as easy as waving a wand.

It’s in the Nozzle

Pressure washers range in size and power. Gas powered washers tend to have more power than electric alternatives. However, extra power means extra risk. Safety protocols should be thoroughly understood before any pressure washing job. Fitted to the wand are a variety of nozzles that alter the direction and speed of the water. They are color coded: black (65°) for soaping, white (40°) for minimal spray, green (25°) for gentle lifting and cleaning, yellow (15°) for medium stripping and red (0°) for maximum blast. Exercise caution when pressure washing with red tips; they can cause surface damage or serious injury.

Ready, Set, Wash!

Clear the area being cleaned of any objects. Pressure washing requires a fast-steady pace; make sure there are no obstacles to disrupt your flow. Set the washer on an even surface. Secure all connections before turning anything on. Maintain a firm grip on the wand and keep an even stroke. Move quickly over the surface at a distance no closer than 8”. Avoid holding the wand over the same spot for prolonged lengths of time. Wash in one direction, go over the area in the opposite direction to get rid of lines. By cross hatching the surface you’ll ensure an even finish.

Pressure Washing Pros

In need of pressure washing but don’t want to tackle the job yourself? Call the pros. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is a great option for all your pressure washing needs. Their service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and includes washing of: wood and vinyl decks, railings, concrete and fences. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is licensed, insured and an accredited business of the BBB. Whether you’re looking to refinish your deck, prep your driveway for sealing or restore a fence call D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd to bring back the luster.

For estimates or more information about their services contact:

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd.
250 244 3696  

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