Beware of Who You Hire! It Could End Up Costing You More Than You Realize.

Thinking of getting Roof Demossing or Roof Moss Removal? Here Are Some Facts About Hiring Companies Without Insurance or WCB Coverage.

WCB Coverage

Did you know that in British Columbia, if you hire a company that does not have WorkSafeBC, or WCB, coverage and they get hurt on your property, you are liable for their injuries and recovery? It’s true.

Also, did you know that if you hire a company that does not have WorkSafeBC, or WCB coverage, you can be liable to pay that company’s WCB premium? Shocking truth and WorkSafeBC will verify this! I’m talking about their delinquent account balance, possibly thousands of dollars. You can go onto WorkSafeBC website and request a Clearance Letter for any company that you are thinking of hiring. This will give you proof that they have WCB insurance and if their account is up to date and it only takes a few minutes to find out. I have seen some company’s advertising claiming to have WCB coverage and upon checking myself, I found this to NOT be true. There are frauds everywhere and all they want is your money. Please be Careful.

Liability Insurance

I think you know the risks of hiring a company that does not have liability insurance too. Meaning, if they break something of yours or damage something, like your roof, gutters, siding, windows etc, you may have trouble collecting from them, if being able to collect anything at all.

What’s at Risk?

It is your responsibility, as the home owner, to ask the necessary questions and do the research before hiring any company to work on your property. The result in not knowing could be very costly and could even risk you loosing your home in a court battle.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd has all our documents available for your viewing and/or download from our website. They are kept up to date and always valid. Feel safe when hiring a legitimate company and keep yourself protected!

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd

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