Must knows before roof moss removal

Roof demossing in Nanaimo provides customers with various options not only with respect to prices but also with respect to the chemical solution used as cleaning liquid, or the mechanisms adopted in washing catering to the material used in your roofing. Service providers of roof moss removal in Nanaimo also offer allied services including gutter cleaning and washing as part of a single roof demossing package. It is important that one is aware of the processes involved and the importance of roof moss removal before choosing a service.

Importance of roof moss removal

That moss degrades one’s roof and causes damage is not unknown but in order to fully understand the dangers of moss on rooftops, it is important to look at the major causes of roof moss removal in Nanaimo. Whether you’ve got shakes or shingles, moss equally damages both if left unchecked. Moss retains moisture and this retention is the major cause of rot of the wooden shakes on roofs. This moisture also soften the porous material of shingles. Services that provide roof demossing in Nanaimo ensure the removal of moss under the shingles as well so as to reduce the moisture build up. It causes wood rot and mold and reduces the lifespan of shakes and shingles, fixing which will be a costly-affair if the damage is great and you might even have to completely reconstruct your roof!

Process of roof moss removal

Traditionally roof demossing in Nanaimo involved the use of bleach or sodium hypo chloride which when dissolved in water became bleach. However, service providers now provide for cleaning using Hydrogen Peroxide which is biodegradable and does not harm plants or pets or lead to discoloration. The process usually involves removal of loose moss, then cleaning up of the gutters and vacuuming the debris off the roof. It is after this that cleaners are used and this is particular to each service provider of roof moss removal in Nanaimo. Finally there is a wash out of the roof using low pressure water.

Must-knows when picking a service

If you are looking at services offering roof moss removal in Nanaimo, keep in mind a few important things. Ensure primarily that your service provider is licensed, and has insurance papers for the employees so you can understand your liability in case of any mishap, and that the employees are trained to use safety measures whilst working at heights. This task is made easier by the internet, before you pick a service provider for roof demossing in Nanaimo read through the testimonials o their website, this should give you an idea of their work ethic and customer satisfaction before you make a decision.

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