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Roof Demossing Done Right!

Many companies claim to know how to provide roof demossing or roof cleaning services. I have heard many horror stories and different procedures along with different deterrents or cleaners being used. I believe it is important you know the truth about roof demossing or roof moss removal.

You should know the facts about roof moss removal, or demossing. If done properly, it is safe and effective. If it is done wrong, it can permanently damage your roof and our environment. A non-aggressive approach is always the best method to roof moss removal or demossing.

Hazards of Pressure Washing Roofs

The use of a pressure washer on a roof is dangerous for the operator. It can easily throwing the operator off balance while working on a slope and it only takes a fraction of a second to cause serious damage. The use of a pressure washer on shingles will also void your warranty. I’m sure the companies that use this system won’t tell you that either.

Hazards of Aggressively Removing Moss

Some use wire brushes to clean the moss from the shingles. This will remove excess granules from the shingles and there is a high risk that this process will also bend or break the shingles, resulting in permanent damage. There is no need to totally remove, by force, the moss from the roof, this is why it is treated, to kill any remaining moss. By removing the bulk, loose, moss before treating the roof, allows the treatment to reach the roots of the moss and kill it instantly. No need to do repeat visits and interrupt your schedule.

Roof Demossing using Hydrogen Peroxide

Toxic Chemicals

There are still companies that use bleach based products to treat the roof. A masking agent is added to the solution so you don’t smell the strong scent of bleach. It is not only bad for our environment and can be fatal to your pets and can actually damage your home’s exterior. Bleach, or sodium hypochlorite which is bleach once dissolved in water, will turn white vinyl yellow and the stain can not be removed. Do you remember linoleum flooring? If it was cleaned using a bleach product, the white linoleum would turn yellowish and it was a permanent discoloration. Ask what is used to kill the moss. If they won’t tell you what they use, it is bleach! If they say it is some kind of thirty second cleaner, it is also bleach.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd, Our Method

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd uses a non-aggressive method for roof moss removal or roof demossing. NO wire brushes are used and we don’t try to aggressively remove all the moss from the roof. We don’t ever use pressure washers on your roof or your house. We use the greenest cleaner or deterrent on the planet, hydrogen peroxide. It is safe for people, pets and plants and it is a guaranteed product from the manufacture and we guarantee all our work!

You really need to ask questions about the process company’s use when working on your property. You also need to ask about insurance, WCB coverage and business licenses. Many people don’t carry any of this and only put you at risk while they are working on your property. Be Safe and Smart, ask questions!

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd

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