The Benefits of Exterior House Cleaning

The Benefits of Exterior House Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning the outside of your house is as important as cleaning the inside?

Dirty House

It’s true, the exterior of your house is the first impression a visitor has of your property. For some reason the exterior of a house is neglected or forgotten about when you think of cleaning your home. Over time it becomes covered with moss, algae and dirt. As these materials build up, they become harder to remove and leave your home looking old and run down. If the outside is clean, it sets the tone for the rest of your home when they enter the front door.

It has been proven, by the real estate industry, that by cleaning the exterior of your home can increase your property’s value by as much as $25,000. This is a major bonus if you’re trying to sell your home as well. Aside from the improvement in value of your home, it is important to be able to see or find the areas of your home that need resealing, like around the windows, doors, vents, corner trims etc. By keeping the exterior free of foreign debris, it makes inspecting the surfaces for possible areas that water can leak behind the siding and cause major damage over the years and repairing them. Restoration companies are repairing homes all the time from water leaking into the framing of homes, costing ten”s of thousands of dollars which can be saved by investing the small cost of exterior house cleaning.

Dirty Driveway

Your driveway not only becomes green with algae and moss over the years, it turns ugly. By keeping your driveway clean, it has other benefits like notifying you when your car decides to start leaking fluids. When the driveway is covered with grime, oil, moss and algae, it becomes very difficult to see if there is something new appearing on the surface, like oil, antifreeze, brake fluid etc. These materials can also stain your driveway sometimes making it impossible to remove, even with commercial grade cleaners. A newly poured driveway doesn’t keep that look forever, but by keeping it clean with our special equipment, it can look almost as good for a very long time.

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