How To Protect Your Main Investment

How Much Is Your Property Worth To You

You may not realize it, but your house is probably your most important investment, especially in today’s market. With that being said, it is probably the most neglected investment as well. What I mean is we all remember to keep the inside of your home clean, especially when company comes over, but do we also think of the outside of our house the same way? The outside of our home is the first impression someone has of our property, and potentially of us.

What do we cherish more

Lets look at this another way. Most of us own a vehicle and have it cleaned or washed regularly. I remember that I used to wash my truck every week, usually whether it needed it or not, at an average of $10/wk. That comes to approx. $520 per year, for those who are challenged with math, on an investment of approx $30,000 to $40,000. In today’s market, to purchase a house could cost approx. $350,000, that is a major investment. Now the big question, how much do you spend on keeping it clean and protecting this investment?

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd can clean the exterior of your house, including outside windows and gutters for approx. $350. That is less than what is spent on keeping a vehicle clean that costs about 10% less. We tend to forget that our house can deteriorate the same, or faster than our vehicles, depending on what area of the country you live in. Algae and moss causes major damage to homes and property. By keeping these organic materials off your home’s surfaces will give your house a longer life and in the long term, save you money.

before pictures of house
Before Cleaning
after pictures of house
After Cleaning

Remember, preventative maintenance is less expensive than repairs or replacement. This has been proven, time and time again! We can help you protect your investment by keeping your property clean and presentable to who ever comes to visit. Call us today at 250-244-3696 for a free estimate of our services and check out our social media pages like; facebook and twitter. You can also visit our website for more information about our services and about our company and what we stand for.

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