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Roof Sweeping: Hidden Dangers

Hidden Holes  

Do you know what’s hiding under that pile of leaves on your roof? It seems harmless, but it could be a gaping hole that will cost thousands in repairs. Roof sweeping is a simple, easy way to spot hidden danger on your roof; it saves you big bucks in the long run.

Leak Prevention

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Don’t wait till it’s too late and your roof is compromised. Sudden leaks in your roof will leave you in a bind, having to spend on unexpected repairs. Roof Sweeping keeps your roof clean and ensures that everything is in order. It’s fast, affordable and a great way to maintain the integrity of your roof.

A hole in a steel roof from a fallen tree branch.
Damage to a steel roof from a fallen tree branch.

Cleaning Time  

Yearly roof sweeping is advisable for houses near wooded areas. Fallen leaves pile up and rot leading to potential damages to your roof. Maintaining a clean roof guards against potential risk. A trusted company like D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. has tons of experience cleaning roofs and leaving them looking their best. Call D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd when it’s roof sweeping time.   

Broad Strokes  

Safety’s first when roof sweeping. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is licensed, insured and equipped with all the proper safety equipment to ensure that your roof sweeping is risk and injury free. Their approach is a step by step method that thoroughly clears your roof of any debris. The roof is swept using a hard-extendable brush. It keeps workers from edges and potential danger. Using a leaf blower, debris is blown off the roof. Tarps are set up on the ground for easy cleanup. Next, the gutters are cleaned using a vacuum system. It clears blown roof debris and build up keeping your gutters flowing free. Additionally, D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd offers outside gutter cleaning to scrub away dirt and algae, leaving your roof looking top shelf.

Guaranteed Results  

Keep an eye on your roof’s condition with roof sweeping; deal with potential risks before it’s too late. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. guarantees proper roof maintenance and peace of mind. Along with roof sweeping, D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd offers a range of services to keep your house clean, maintained and safe from top to bottom. They are licensed, fully insured, an accredited business of the BBB and their services are 100% guaranteed. Visit their website at www.CleanExteriors.ca.

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