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Roof De-Mossing in Nanaimo

Roof moss removal or as it is otherwise known, roof de-mossing is an investment in the property to ensure that there is no damage to the roof.

Moss and lichens grow into shingle tabs and along edges causing them to lift and make the roof prone to wind damage and leaks. A trustworthy company that takes the business seriously and guarantees professional and efficient work is to be hired for roof moss removal in Nanaimo. In the absence of roof de-mossing in Nanaimo, the place wouldn’t be the same as all the windows would be covered in muck and almost a third of the roofs in the city would be covered in slimy mold, moss, leaves, dirt and grime.

Moss growth

A shady climate promotes moss growth. Acidic environments also promote moss growth. More specifically, the optimum pH level for moss growth is between 5 – 5.5. It grows well on hard surfaces prone to a moist or humid environment. Homeowners have been recognizing the importance of regular roof de-mossing in Nanaimo and that is why the business roof moss removal in Nanaimo has been on a steady rise.

How is roof moss removed?

Specialized techniques are used for roof moss removal in Nanaimo. A special cleaner is sprayed on the roof to kill the moss and lichen, usage of bleach and sodium hypochlorite are completely avoided.The cleaning agents used for roof de-mossing in Nanaimo are 100% biodegradable and safe around plants, pets, and children.

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