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Roof Cleaning: Cedar Shakes

Damp, Moss & Fungus

Cedar shakes collect moisture, become damp and create grounds for moss to grow. Moss retains moisture and grows fungus. Regular roof cleaning prevents moss and fungus from growing on cedar shakes.

Slip & Shakes

Working from the ground is advisable. Working from a ladder is not ideal but can be an alternative. Depending on pitch, working on the roof may be an option. Be advised, cedar shakes tend to be slippery. Wood doesn’t have the same grip as asphalt shingle. Working on wet roofs should be avoided.

Preparing Cedar Shake roof for spraying our moss deterrent to kill the moss and lichen.
Preparation of a Cedar Shake roof before spraying with our deterrent to kill the moss and lichen.


You’ll need: extension ladder w/ standoff, hard-bristle brush w/ extendable pole, safety harness, ropes for tying off, vacuum, blower, tarp and wood wash for roof cleaning.

Safety, Scrub, Spray

Scrub shakes with a hard-bristle brush. Blow debris off with blower. Scrub remaining moss and other build up. Scrubbing along the ridges – where roots grow – maximizes moss removal. Pine needles, dirt and other debris collects in gaps between shakes, a blow may clear them. A tarp collects fallen moss, easing ground clean. Clean ground prior to spray. Vacuum gutters. Spray roof with eco-friendly peroxide-based wood deterrent. Scrub outside gutters with a soft-bristle water brush, also windows that have been sprayed.

100% Work

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd offers a range of exterior cleaning services including roof cleaning cedar shakes. They are licensed, insured and an accredited business of the BBB. Visit www.CleanExteriors.ca to learn more. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd also guarantees 100% workmanship.

For estimates or more information about their services contact:

D&D Clean Exteriors Ltd

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