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Roof Cleaning: Proper Maintenance


Roof Cleaning gets rid of build up that damage roofs. Dirt, Algae, mold and black streaks on gutters are eyesores, shortening roof life. Roof cleaning is key to house care, guarantees safe roofs, free of extra cost. 

The Right Stuff

The following tools and materials are needed for roof cleaning: an extension ladder with stand-offs, hard-bristle brushes with extendable poles, ropes for tying off, safety harness and lanyard, tarp, vacuum and leaf blower. Check safety harnesses and ropes prior to use.

The Best Way

Set your ladder. Ladders should be on a 4:1 incline. One foot back for each four feet up. Find a proper anchor point on the roof. If a chimney is being used to tie-off, a steel “dog-leash” is needed. Sharp corners on chimneys cause tears on ropes, leading to falls. When brushing, use a downward stroke to clear big masses off. Use a leaf-blower to clear brushed debris. Keep the roof clear while working. A tarp on the ground collects fallen debris. Use a sideways stroke to clean shingle ridges of moss roots, algae, mould and caked dirt. Vacuum inside gutters for proper drain. Mix roof wash to manufacturer specs. Use a paint sprayer or tank with electric pump to spray. Outer gutters and splashes on windows are cleaned using a soft-bristle water brush. Black streaks on gutters from oxidization will not come clean with just water.

100 %

This process is used by D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. Clean Exteriors specialize in residential and commercial exterior cleaning. Their experience, attention to detail and meticulous ethic make them efficient, reliable and 100% guaranteed. Visit their website at https://CleanExteriors.ca/services to learn more about their service. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is licensed, fully insured and an accredited business of the BBB. For all your exterior cleaning needs including roof cleaning to get rid of algae, dirt, black streaks and mold count on D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd.

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