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Protect Your Real Estate Investment and Call Experts for Effective Gutter Cleaning

What can go wrong when your house gutter system is left unattended? Plenty! From harboring harmful organisms to triggering water seepage, rot and flooding, not cleaning gutters can lead to a host of problems that could potentially put your health and real estate investment at risk. Here’s how professionals offering services for gutter cleaning and gutter washing in Nanaimo can help.

Remove Insides of Debris

The main purpose of gutters is to funnel all the excess water that falls on the roof into downspouts. When not cleaned on a regular basis, the inside of gutters can get clogged with debris. When gutters are clogged, water pours over the roof edge instead of getting channeled into downspouts. Excess amounts of water pouring over roof edge and hitting the ground can lead to soil erosion, damaged landscaping and even basement flooding if the basement is located nearby. Professionals providing services for gutter cleaning and gutter washing in Nanaimo use a powerful vacuum system to clear gutter insides of all debris.

Clean the Outsides of Gutters

Over time, harmful organisms such as mildew, moss and algae grow on gutter surfaces. Algae and lichen can eat the paint off gutter surfaces, leading to expensive repair work such as sanding, repainting or replacing existing gutters. When you choose gutter washing services, professional house cleaners in Nanaimo will thoroughly scrub gutter exteriors to make them look as good as new again. Using a combination of soft wash techniques, biodegradable cleaning products and specialized equipment, they effectively eliminate all traces of dirt, grime, moss, mold, algae etc. without damaging the surface.

Why Hire Professionals?

Cleaning gutters inside and outside involves hard work and carries with it a risk to personal safety. In trying to save a few bucks by undertaking gutter cleaning or washing by yourself, you may be putting your safety at risk.  Gutter cleaning is best left to professional house cleaners in Nanaimo who have the training, experience and specialist equipment to deliver best outcomes in a safe manner. Professional house cleaning companies hold licenses and carry Work Safe BC insurance to protect employees. Furthermore, they use safety equipment such as lanyards, harnesses and lifelines to mitigate risks.

When to Call Professionals?

There is no rule as to when you should call professional house cleaners in Nanaimo. Each house is different and some houses need more frequent cleaning than others. In general, gutter cleaning should be undertaken at least once a year. The service can be clubbed with other activities such as roof cleaning and roof demossing or general house washing as part of the maintenance program for your home. A home is an expensive investment and regular maintenance will add to its value and enhance its curb appeal.

Want an estimate for gutter washing? Get in touch with Nanaimo’s leading company offering a comprehensive range of house exterior cleaning services!

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