The Dangers of Hiring a Contractor Without Insurance

The Pros and Cons

House in need of work? Call the pros and get some quotes, go with the cheapest one, no? No! The problem is that not all quotes are equal. A cheap quote could be due to the contractor saving on their overhead by operating without insurance. You might think you’re getting a killer deal, but the danger of hiring a contractor without insurance can cost you more than it’s worth.

Risks and Liability  

The dangers of operating a business without insurance has a host of costly problems, not necessarily for the contractor, but for the homeowner. An unlicensed, uninsured contractor may not be operating within safety codes. People and property are at risk if safety is compromised for the sake of saving money. A contractor may be cutting costs by operating without proper safety equipment e.g. ropes and safety harnesses while working on your roof. Their savings are your expense. Injuries during projects without coverage are liabilities for homeowners who are responsible for paying on site damages.

Double the Cost  

To make matters worse, a company operating without insurance may not guarantee their work, adding to the dangers of hiring a contractor without insurance. Work not completed within standard costs double since another company will have to be paid to do the work properly. This makes no sense if saving money is the goal. Not only is it a waste of money but a waste of time. Prolonging projects disrupts daily life, adding stress to already stressful situations.

The Right Call

Don’t put yourself at risk. Avoid the dangers of hiring a contractor without insurance by calling licensed, insured and accredited professionals like D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. They are licensed, fully insured and accredited business of the BBB. They operate within the protocols of WorkSafeBC and their service is 100% guaranteed. Whether demossing a roof, washing your house or pressure washing an old deck, you can trust D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd to get the job done safe, fast and hassle free.

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