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Top Secrets behind Removing Moss From Your Roof

A roof over one’s head is a necessity. And this necessity becomes defunct if the roof is not maintained and protected from damaged. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help keep your roof safe from damage that mold or moss could cause. Because of the significance of such maintenance, roof moss removal in Nanaimo or roof de-mossing in Nanaimo has developed into an upcoming industry with various service providers offering the same. And the risk that is attached to getting up on one’s roof to clean it makes people turn to such service providers who employ professionals who are equipped with the right tools to do the same effectively rather than attempt do it on their own.

The menace that is moss!

Roof moss is not just an aesthetic or a cosmetic issue when it comes to a house. It can effectively reduce the life of one’s roof by a large margin, up to 5 years or sometimes even 10! This is because moss retains moisture and its prolonged existence on the roof could cause the roof tiles to become porous and decrease its integrity. And it does not end there, if left unchecked, roof moss could affect the water drainage from the roof and thus lead to leaky roofs that damage both the exterior and interiors of one’s house. Service providers undertaking roof moss removal in Nanaimo and roof de-mossing in Nanaimo employ professionals who adopt a combination of pressure washes, depending upon the material of which your roof is made and the extent of moss growth.

How is roof de-mossing done?

Professionals offering roof moss removal in Nanaimo and roof de-mossing in Nanaimo employ two general methods of going about the removal – the first being using a cleaning agent and the second being with the help of a cleaning agent. In the former method, high pressure water jets are used to clean the roof. The direction of the water spray is always downward so as to not cause damage and this method is not preferred for roofs that are old. The latter method, is actually an extension of the former. Here, the roof is first cleaned using water jets at high pressure, and then a cleaning agent is sprayed on it. Service providers offering roof moss removal in Nanaimo and roof de-mossing in Nanaimo take special care to ensure that the cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly and are not hazardous to the health of the people exposed to it. Professionals employ a variation of methods depending upon the age of the roof, the tiles used, the material used for the tiles, etc.

Maintenance is long-term

It is not enough that roof moss is removed, it is equally important to take necessary steps to prevent its regrowth. This is why professionals generally spray the roof that has just been cleaned with a roof moss resistant. While this does not mean that roof moss will never grow back, it slows down the process of re-growth.

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