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Affordable, Safe and Thorough - Exterior House Cleaning

Home exteriors come in all manners of materials with which they are covered or clad. Around the Duncan, we have fiber cement board (often called James Hardie siding),wood and vinyl, natural cedar or wood shake, cement, block, brick, stone, and even aluminum and steel exteriors. Some exteriors are painted, and some are stucco or even vinyl finished. Each of those materials is finished different and has its own behavior when cleaned. It is easy to damage the finish on some kinds of siding with a high pressure wash wand system, which is why at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. we do not use high pressure washing systems on home exteriors. Our soft wash systems, along with hand cleaning, make certain your siding and finish comes through safe and intact and looking like new. Gutters are also cleaned with appropriate equipment that does not blow nastiness all over your sidewalks and flowerbeds, and we make sure the exteriors of the gutters are as clean as the interiors when we finish. No exterior cleaning services is complete without cleaning the windows thoroughly, regardless of what story they are on, so the entire home exterior is spotless and shiny when we are finished.

Our technicians make certain to drape off areas to keep messes from landing all over your landscaping, sidewalks, and elsewhere. We try to take care of our customer’s homes just like they were our own, and our many happy reviews back up our focus on that level of customer service. Our job sites are always left clean. We never use chemicals that will harm the environment, or are problematic for your pets, children, or plants. All the materials used are biodegradable and safe. Home exteriors are cleaned with a water fed pole system that assures there are no ladder dings or damage to your roof edges, drip cap, or siding. The home exterior is scrubbed by hand, including stucco exteriors, and only mild biodegradable materials are used to remove even the most stubborn mildew, mold, and algae stains that develop in our climate. The brushes and materials we use on the finish will not mark, mar, or scratch the surface of your siding, window frames, or gutter facings. You can visit our YouTube channel to watch a short video of our exterior house cleaning process. You will see just how much care is taken to make certain your home’s exterior is protected, and how thorough our process is to make your home look so much better when we are finished than when we started.

Exterior Cleaning Should Include Walls, Gutters, Windows, and Screens

When your house gets cleaned, it should be everything and not just what can be easily seen. Taking care of dust, grime, algae, mold, moss and lichens needs to occur on the entire structure so it does not become infested from spores or have dark streaks show up from what was not cleaned. When D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd ™ comes to do your house washing, we make certain that the entire exterior of your home is clean. We do the walls, exterior windows, and even clear and wash the gutters. If you will take off your window screens, we will put them in our state-of-the-art Aztec Window Screen Washer, free of charge. The Aztec will remove everything that does not belong on a screen or frame except dripped paint or caulk. This amazing machine returns your window screens to like-new condition, extending their life and enhancing your clean air intake and outbound viewing. And, if getting your screens off is difficult, please ask. Our technicians will be happy to help you so your screens and windows do not get damaged, and neither do your fingers or skin. We have five complete units of home washing equipment, which means we can take on large jobs and complete them quickly and efficiently.

Leaving grime on siding and gutters, as well as window tracks, leads to problems. Stains become nearly impossible to remove, but the real damage is to the structural integrity of the framing, siding, shake, mortar, or wood. Algae, mildew, fungus, mold, and moss all grow into the materials and literally eat away the structure. Lichens in particular are very hard on gutters in our area, and if left unchecked with destroy your gutters, eating through both the finish and the gutter itself. Preventive maintenance not only keeps your home clean and saves leaks from overflowing gutters, but preserves them for a longer lifespan.

We have a wide range of services to choose from that will make your home look like new again.

We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. Does Residential and Commercial Exterior Building Cleaning Duncan

With many years of experience in how to wash the exterior of a home or business without damaging the finish or leaving telltale marks or streaks, D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. is happy to give you a free estimate for a whole house cleaning. We can also provide a quote at the same time to include moss removal from your roof, and rotary brush flat surface cleaning for decks, driveways, patios, and walkways. We also are fully equipped to handle fences and stonework, including chimney and fireplace exteriors of brick, block, or stone, as well as outside features that need a thorough cleaning such as wood burning grills and fire pits. We serve the entire Central Vancouver Island area, including Port Alberni, Duncan, Nanaimo, Gabriola Island, Qualicum Beach, and all points between.

House washing is often one of those forgotten maintenance items for many homeowners. Save time, replacement and repair costs, and keep your home looking sharp while keeping your valutation up with a thorough, regular exterior house cleaning. Our packages are very affordable, and we provide free estimates for every job. Call us at 250-244-3696, or send in our Contact form and we will set up a convenient appointment. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. is locally owned, licensed and fully insured. We participate in WorkSafe BC. Let our experienced crews take care of your exterior home cleaning work, and you will join with many pleased clients who call us back regularly to take care of these required maintenance tasks.

*Disclaimer ~ We are not responsible for condensation between window panes due to broken seals. Window seals break due to time, normal wear and tear, or simply from being defective and is not caused by cleaning the window. It is unfortunate that condensation may appear in windows after being washed but it is not caused by washing with water.

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