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Our Window Cleaning Parksville and the Area Sees is Amazing

When your windows are clean, your whole outlook on the world seems to improve. Clean windows can help increase the light into your home or business, and presents a taken-care-of, professional look. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products that are safe for your windows and frames, siding, landscaping, children and pets. They are highly effective at removing dirt, pollen, grime, dust, mold and mildew, moss and algae from your windows. We have the equipment to reach your second story windows to provide them the same white glove treatment as the main floor. An efficient system, it allows us to make certain all corners are reached and cleaned, and streaks are prevented. This water fed system keeps ladders off your siding or cladding, roof line and drip cap, and scaffolding out of your flowerbeds, resulting in a safer window washing experience all around. Our window service not only washes the window panes, it cleans all parts of your windows.

Our window washing systems use what is called soft wash, meaning no high pressure water, wands, or applicators are used. Your windows are hand and low pressure washed to assure there is no damage to the window, frame, or panes, and no water gets forced into your home around seals and weatherstripping. Our Soft Wash systems allow us to safely and thoroughly clean wood frames, composite, aluminum frames, vinyl windows, regular glass, safety and reflective glass, and other materials. We use brushes and cleaning compounds that are completely safe, will not cause discoloration, and will not scratch, scrape, or damage the finish on any part of your windows. Our experienced crews make certain your windows and frames are clean and shining when complete, and are known for their care, courteous work and customer service.

Do Your Window Washers Professionally, Safely Clean Your Screens?
We Do – Free!

Window screens need to be cleaned along with your windows, and they are more delicate than most people realize. Window screens often end up damaged with high pressure hoses, chemicals not made for the screen or framing, or they end up with superficial rinsing and never really get clean. Window screens also hold a lot of debris, which can lead to pollen and dust being blown into your home, or build up of dirt in the sash corners of your windows. That detritus tends to hold moisutre, and can lead to dirt build-up that causes deterioration, discoloration, or even wood rot and insect infestation. Our window cleaning service makes sure your windows and screens are squeaky clean and the frames are equally well washed.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. has a state of the art Aztec Window Screen Washer that cleans your screens so well they look nearly brand new. When we insert your screens in the unit it removes all the grime, pollen, dirt and buildup off the screen and framing, with the exception of dripped paint or caulk. We believe that clean windows mean clean screens, too, and that is why we include screen cleaning free of charge with our professional window cleaning service, as well as our house exterior wash packages. We do ask that you remove your screens prior to our arrival, but if you have difficulty with the removal, we will be happy to assist. You can view a short video on how our Aztec Screen Washer works by clicking this link to see it in action.

Affordable Rates to Clean the Siding, Windows or any Other Surface of Your Home Exterior.

We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

Second Story Window Cleaning in Parksville? No problem!

Doing windows on the second story, or even high clerestory windows, can be a challenge. Our special water pole window cleaning system gives us the advantage of being able to reach every part of your windows that are above standard height, and to clean them thoroughly and safely. The products we use will not drip or discolor your shake, shingles, slate, or paint, or cause run marks down your roof.

Leave the concerns to the professionals at D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd.. We can take care of your window cleaning needs during a service visit, or we can do it has part of a house cleaning package or grouped with roof removal of moss, pressure washing of walks and drives, or any other services we provide. We are fully licensed and insured, and cover our employees with WorkSafe BC. If you would like a free estimate for window cleaning, give us a call to book an appointment, or send in our handy contact form with information about the work you need completed. We will contact you right away, and book an appointment to come out and provide that free estimate so your outlook on life can be through bright, clean windows.

*Disclaimer ~ We are not responsible for condensation between window panes due to broken seals. Window seals break due to time, normal wear and tear, or simply from being defective and is not caused by cleaning the window. It is unfortunate that condensation may appear in windows after being washed but it is not caused by washing with water.

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