When is the Best Time to Take Up Roof Moss Removal in Nanaimo?

When is the best time to undertake roof demossing in Nanaimo? This question is frequently asked by home owners in Nanaimo and surrounding areas. There are many myths and misconceptions around this topic, so read on to get better clarity.

Should Be Performed Regularly

It’s important for home owners to understand that regular roof demossing in Nanaimo is necessary to prolong the lifespan of your home and protect your investment. Canada offers the ideal environment for growth of moss, algae, lichen, mold etc. Prolonged build-up of these organisms on your house’s roof can lead to moisture seepage, leading to issues such as rot or other compromises in your roof system. Depending on environmental conditions and the growth rate of organisms, you may need more frequent roof demossing.

Can Be Done in Different Seasons

There is a misconception among home-owners that roof moss removal in Nanaimo should be restricted to mid-summer months when the sun is out in full force. It’s true that bright, sunny conditions do make it easier to perform the work effectively and aid in the drying process. However, the problem arises when home owners forget to book a service for various reasons. Roof moss removal can also be undertaken in fall as a home preparation exercise before the onset of winter. Leaving the exercise for the next summer is not a good idea since moss will have more time to grow.

Professionals can perform roof moss removal in different weather conditions, so don’t let cloudy skies or light rain stop you from booking a service. Get in touch with Nanaimo’s most experienced service provider for honest and reliable advice!

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