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The Destructive Nature of Lichen on Metal Roofs, Gutters and Concrete

What is Lichen

Lichen is a slow growing plant that grows on roofs, rocks, concrete, walls and trees. Lichen grows with two other organisms, algae and fungus. They actually feed each other, or create food for each other, allowing them to grow. Lichen can be very destructive, eating away at concrete driveways, sidewalks etc and leaving holes where they existed. It can also eat the paint off of gutters and metal roofs. This damage is irreversible and will be an expensive repair.

Lichen growing on gutters, eating the paint off of the surface.
Permanent damage to gutters from Lichen.

How to Prevent Lichen

The best way to prevent lichen from causing damage is to have your home regularly cleaned. Lichen can be hard to kill but by keeping algae and fungus from starting to grow on your home or concrete surfaces, you can prevent lichen from starting. Having your metal roof and gutters sprayed with hydrogen peroxide and then scrubbed clean on a regular basis will prevent this damaging lichen from starting to grow. Likewise, having your concrete pressure washed regularly will prevent lichen from growing on the concrete and eating holes in your driveway and sidewalk, permanently damaging your property.

Permanent Damage caused by Lichen growing on gutters and other metal surfaces.
A close up of the damage Lichen causes on gutters and other painted metal surfaces.

Who Can Help?

Professional, experienced company’s like D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd can help you by providing you with their expertise on cleaning your property and helping you protect your investment. Keeping your property clean will also help your resale value of your home by not having expensive repair bills due to lack of maintenance on your home and yard. Call 250-244-3696 to book your free estimate with D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. You can also visit https://www.cleanexteriors.ca/services to see details of all their services. They have all their insurance documents available online at https://www.cleanexteriors.ca/documents for you to view or download for your records.

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