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Safe, Effective Moss Removal at a Great Price

Roof cleaning and sweeping is essential to the long term health of your roof and home. Wind storms blow branches and debris onto roofs, and as soon as the storm passes we tend to forget about what came down when we heard a “thud”. Holes puncturing a roof allow water to invade your attic, causing deterioration, wood rot, and other serious problems. Many times sweeping your roof is what reveals a hole, broken shingle, or damaged area where moss or lichens are eating the limestone gravel on your shingles or causing them to lift, letting moisture seep underneath and into your roof sheeting. Making sure your roof is intact protects your investment, and can save large amounts of money you do not have to spend early on roof replacement and repairing damage to your ceilings, walls, and studs.

roof moss removal Nanaimo

When D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. does your roof cleaning and demossing, we do not use bleach. Bleach is damaging to most everything it touches, from yellowing and hardening (making it brittle) vinyl siding, to causing discoloration and streaks on your roof and walls. It is toxic and can kill your plants, harm your pets, and in concentration, hurt humans. Bleach is not safe for the environment. We use hydrogen peroxide, a completely natural, green product that is highly effective with eliminating moss and lichen growth and recurrence on your roof and gutters. We start your roof demossing by gently loosening the moss and removing it, then cleaning the gutters and vacuuming so the moss does not clog the downpipes or your drains. We then apply a special cleaner that kills moss, algae, and lichens on contact. Our compound is completely biodegradable and environmentally safe for your home, children, pets, and plants. If rinsing is needed we only use low pressure and soft washing methods, not high pressure washing that can damage your shingles or shake and force water underneath to your roof sheeting. It should be noted that high pressure washing shingles and many other roofing materials will void your warranty for both your shingles and your roof. Our methods are approved for use with all roof covering materials. After all cleaning is complete, we make certain the gutters are hand cleaned outside and all stains and streaks removed. Our roof moss removal is guaranteed, and we also can assure you our prices are some of the lowest in the area, even though our work is some of the best quality you will ever get done on your home. Take a moment to view some of our testimonials, and you will see for yourself how pleased our clients are with our services.

Roof Cleaning Nanaimo & Area With Environmentally Safe Methods That Really Work

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We live and work in the Nanaimo, and we have families. It is important to us to do everything we can to preserve and protect this beautiful place we are so blessed to enjoy living in, and want it to remain pristine for our children. That is why we use state-of-the art cleaning methods or good old fashioned elbow grease to provide the level of high quality cleaning services we do. Cutting corners and using harsh chemicals is not healthy for the environment, and often not healthy for the materials on your roof, whether it is asphalt shingle, wood shake, metal, or slate. We have three demossing systems outfitted and our crews are highly trained and experienced. We are adamant about safety, and our crews are all trained in fall protection, use of lanyards and harnesses, and lifelines for high work. We never use ladders on the side of your home, because we know ladders can damage your siding or window frames, as well as destroy your drip cap and roof edge. When you hire D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. you can rest assured you are getting an experienced exterior cleaning company with years of knowledge that puts your, and our, safety at the top of our list. We also have a 2 year guarantee for our full roof demossing. If there is any green moss growing within 2 years of the roof treatment, we will come back and re-treat the area affected, no questions, no cost.

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We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

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Moss growing on your roof can be detrimental to your home. If you have asphalt shingles, moss and lichens feed on the limestone in the gravel on the shingles, causing them to quickly deteriorate. Moss also grows deep into the structure of wood or cedar shake, causing it to deteriorate and rot. Moss pushes up the shingles, a condition referred to as “roof lift”, allowing moisture to invade, destroying the sheeting underneath and eventually, the insulation and materials in your attic. Keeping moss, lichens, and algae at bay are critical for the long term health and stability of your home’s roof, because moss damage can cut up to 10 years off the life of the average roof.

We have been taking moss off roofs and killing algae, fungus, and grime to bring roofs back to life and extend their use for many years in the region. Our crews are highly trained, and we take every precaution to keep your roof safe and intact while we clean. Regular roof sweeping, cleaning, and demossing when necessary can extend the life of your roof many years. The cost of replacing any roof is substantial, and the more healthy service you get out of your current roof, the happier your house, and you, can remain. With three demossing crews, we can handle structures of any size quickly and economically. We always drape off and clean up our debris, leaving a spotless job site. Our technicians know their trade, and we pride ourselves on high quality with with exemplary customer service. Our work is very affordable and guaranteed, and we do roof moss removal Nanaimo and throughout the entire Vancouver Central Island area.

We Are The #1 Roof Cleaning Company Nanaimo

A fast way to tell how much a roof cleaning crew knows about their job is how they approach a roof. Every material is a bit different, every invader in terms of moss, algae, fungus, mold, lichens, and detritus are different, and the age and overall condition of your roof makes a huge difference in how your roof needs to be cleaned. Older roofs are generally more brittle but more seated than newer ones, and each situation needs approached specifically to provide the best, most thorough, safest cleaning of the roof as possible to insure the longest lifespan for your home’s top covering.

We are considered the top roof cleaning company Nanaimo hires because of our care and experience. We believe in giving our customers a fair and reasonable price for every job we do for roof moss removal, or any services we provide. We offer affordable packages and bundles to get exterior windows cleaned, gutters cleaned inside and out, and even your home exterior, deck, drive, walkways, patio, or other areas professionally cleaned with safe, environmentally sound compounds. When you are tired of the black streaks on your gutters and roof, or see those tell-tale green lumps and bumps, call D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. for a free estimate. We can quickly book appointments for any size job with multiple crews on site if needed to get the job done effectively and fast.

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