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Roof Demossing for Longer Roof Life

Leak Free Roof  

Roof demossing is a great way to add years of life to your roof. Moss growing in between your shingles lifts and loosens them shortening your roof’s life, making it prone to leaks. Roof demossing is the best option to avoid costly damages.

Call in the Pros

The inherent danger of working on a roof means you’ll want to hire professionals for the job. In Nanaimo B.C. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is the safest call for your roof demossing needs.  They are licensed, insured, covered by WorkSafe BC and an accredited business of the BBB. Their credentials make them trusted, qualified roof demossing pros.

Standard of Excellence

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd standard of excellence relies on a method that guarantees your roof moss free. An initial scrape removes most of the moss from your roof. Care is taken to ensure that no damage is caused to the shingles. Once scraped, moss is blown off the roof using a power blower. The gutter system along with the ground are vacuumed to clean any fallen moss. The roof is now ready to be sprayed and finish the roof demossing process.

Non-Toxic Chemicals

No toxic or abrasive chemicals are sprayed on your roof; D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd roof demossing solution is environmentally friendly. A hydrogen peroxide base diluted in water quickly kills any remaining moss and deters it from growing back. After the spray has been left to soak in, the outside gutters are cleaned of excess wash along with any windows that may have been splashed. Within a few weeks of the initial spray the remaining moss will die off and your roof will have a new lease on life.

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