Roof Cleaning

Healthy Alternatives

Damages on your roof can amount to thousands of dollars in repairs. Roof cleaning is an affordable alternative to costly damages. Removing moss, lichen and built up debris off your roof prevents leaks and water damage. Gutter cleaning should be part of the roof cleaning process adding to the health of your roof.

Roof Cleaning Tools

The following list of tools are needed for roof cleaning: an extension ladder w/standoff, safety harness and rope, extendable pole w/ hard-bristle brush, leaf blower, vacuum system (including lengths of hose, 6’ pvc attachment, pvc elbow), extension cord, extendable water brush and eco friendly roof wash. Safety’s key when working on a roof. Inspect harnesses and ropes for damages prior to use. Always work with a partner.

Best Way

Use a 4:1 ratio to angle the ladder; i.e. 1 foot for every four rungs. Always maintain three points of contact when climbing ladders. Find an anchor point. Rope should keep you at least 3’ off the roof’s edge. Scrub using a hard-bristle brush. Clear large masses first. Next, scrub shingle ridges where moss roots and stubborn debris sit. Use leaf blower to clear debris. Vacuum out gutters after scrubbing. It’s important to keep draining systems free from clogs. The roof is now ready for spray. Eco-friendly spray kills leftover moss and roots, preventing future growth. Work backwards, stepping away from wet areas when spraying. Let wash sit for at least 25 mins before rinsing (if needed). Wash outside gutters using an extendable water brush and rinse any windows that have over-spray.

Best in the Business

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