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House Washing: Keep your House Looking New

Get Rid of Build Up

Throughout the year dirt, oxidisation from the sun’s heat and algae settles into your home’s siding causing it to look grimy. If neglected, it takes away from the look of your house. House washing with soft bristle water brushes is the perfect way to revamp your house.

Telescopic Water Brushes

Telescopic water brushes give full reach of high-altitude walls. They eliminate the need for ladders and extra labour, saving time and keeping you safe. The poles come in a range of sizes from 25’ up to 100’ poles to meet all your house washing needs. Water is supplied by connecting the brush to any garden hose fitted with a valve and quick connect accessory. The brushes bristles are tough enough to scrub stubborn dirt, oxidisation and algae off your siding but soft enough to brush your windows without any scratches.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

In most cases water and a good scrub are enough to breakdown and remove build up. A Hydrogen peroxide solution can be applied to walls using a paint sprayer or pump. It works great on stubborn walls. The solution is left to sit for a few minutes then brushed off with water.  Hydrogen peroxide is safe and eco-friendly, no need to worry about harmful or toxic chemicals.

House Washing at its Finest  

One of the best companies offering house washing services is D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. Based out of Nanaimo B.C., D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd offers unsurpassed quality and guaranteed results. They are licensed, insured and an accredited business of the BBB. Rest assured that liability free professionals are on site. Their service is fast, thorough and safe. Equipped with the right tools, including a 50’ water brush for tough to reach spots, Clean Exteriors is the right call for house washing at its finest. Their treatment includes gutter washing and window detailing to leave your entire house looking fresh and clean or as they say, “like new”.

For estimates or more information about their services contact:

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd

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