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Gutter Cleaning Port Alberni Knows Is Important To Get Done

If you live in Port Alberni, or most anywhere in the Central Vancouver Island region, you know that gutters are an absolute necessity on your home or business. Our precipitation mandates gutters that can handle our climate, moving water efficiently off and out of our way, while keeping our homes dry. Gutters are easily one of the most disdainful parts of a house to do maintenance on, at least in the opinion of most homeowners. It is a dirty, icky job that is time consuming, and requires great care to not damage the gutters, your siding, a window, or to get cut on the gutters themselves. Gutter cleaning is a job that is best left to a professional.

Gutter cleaning is also extremely important in our area due to lichens, moss, algae, and efflorescence. Lichens are especially bothersome due to the quickly spread damage they can do to the finish of a gutter, as well as the actual material of which the gutter is constructed. Lichens are a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and algae, and they send down roots, much like moss and mushrooms. Those roots will eat through the paint on a gutter in no time, causing damage. They also deteriorate and break down the gutter material itself, causing the gutter to fail. A leaking gutter can be an inconvenience, or a much bigger problem that causes leaks in the siding of your home, transmuting leaks that travel and go down walls, or water runoff seepage into foundations. Algae and moss also cause breakdown and discoloration, as do dead leaves and other organic material. Salt settlement, or efflorescence, causes changes in the material due to moisture reacting with the salt. It is especially damaging to roofs, as well as shake, but can cause deterioration to gutter surfaces and subsequent failure. You only have to replace your gutters once to know how inconvenient and expensive the repair becomes.

Need Reasonably Priced, Quality Gutter Cleaning Port Alberni? Call D & D Clean Exteriors!

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D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. is a locally owned house exterior cleaning company. We do a lot of work in the central Vancouver area helping home and business owners take care of their gutters, saving them the dirty job and extending the life of not only their gutters, but soffit, fascia, and siding. We use a low pressure system of cleaning the interior of your guttering as well as vacuuming to make sure no damage occurs to the gutters and no seams or joints are separated. We offer very affordable rates to clean gutters, soffit, fascia, eavestrough, chimney flashing, and other areas that are challenging to get all the algae, moss, mildew, dirt and debris out of without damaging the materials or surface. We use environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaning agents when any are necessary, and will discuss their use with you so you know your pets, plants, and family are safe with their application. All our gutter cleaning is done with a vacuum system, and water transporting poles. Exterior of gutters are washed by hand, and all materials and brushes are made from non-scratch materials that will not abrade, mark, or mar surfaces. If your gutters have developed unsightly stripes from the braces, fasteners, ferrules, or run-off, we will also get those clean as possible. We want your gutters to turn out looking as close to new as we can spotlessly clean them.

Affordable rates to clean the inside & outside of your gutters, soffits or any other surface of your home.

We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

We Do Soffit and Gutter Cleaning Port Alberni and All Central Vancouver Areas

If you need the moss removed from your roof, we have very economical packages to take care of demossing the roof and cleaning the gutters at the same time. Doing both at once not only makes sure they are clean, but assures the best possible long term prevention for return of moss and algae due to the type of treatment systems we use to kill the organisms and prevent their spread. Moss and algae left unchecked will quickly cause lift on your roofing surfaces, leading to premature replacement of a roof at considerable expense.

Gutters that are blocked with debris cause stains, overflow, and can cause water damage to your home and leaks from your roof. They also harbor insects and rodents that make their home in your gutters. How often your gutters need cleaned depends on your tree cover, exposure, and other factors, but we recommend homeowners check both spring and fall to see if their gutters need help. Let us help you with interior and exterior gutter cleaning by professionals that come highly recommended in Port Alberni and the surrounding areas. We are licensed, insured, and cover our employees with WorkSafe BC. Our soft wash, hand wash, low pressure gutter cleaning methods safely but thoroughly clean your gutters, and is also highly effective for soffit and fascia. Let us get rid of the grime with our safe, efficient methods. Call 250-244-3696 or send in our Contact form to book an appointment. Our customer service, quality cleaning, and care for your property will prove why we have so many long-term, pleased clients throughout the area.

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