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Low Cost, Professional Deck Cleaning Service in Gabriola Island

To be safe to walk on and enjoyable to use, decks need cleaned in the Gabriola Island area. Our closeness to the ocean means we have an abundance of moss and algae that loves to flourish on outside surfaces, and it loves flat ones made of wood, brick, pavers, or composites the best. Our deck cleaning service is environmentally safe, thorough, and treats the surface with a soft washing system and rotary flat surface equipment that protects the surface and material but kills the moss and algae, without damaging your flower beds or harming tender feet or paws. Whether wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone, pavers, concrete, or composites, our precise cleaning systems and precision tools used by our talented technicians return your deck, railing, gates, stairs, glass and fencing to looking like brand new.

Due to our proximity to so much water, efflorescence is an issue in the entire Vancouver greater region. Efflorescence Is the dusty looking whitish flush on concrete, brick, pavers, block, stone and other surfaces that occurs due to wicking of moisture and evaporation leaving salt residues on the surface of a material. Sometimes mistaken for stains, the salt residues are not overly damaging to materials in and of themselves, but with the moisture content, they can become so, leading to flaking, deterioration, cracking, and even causing things to fall apart. Removal of the salt residue restores your deck, walkway, fence, foundation, or other surface to new and protects it from damage due to the osmotic action that occurs between water and salt.

Cleaning Decks Means Cleaning Railings, Fences, and Stairs Too

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Wooden and composite decks are especially slippery when moss, algae, fungus, or mold take hold and start to spread. With our high precipitation in the Gabriola Island area, safety on wet surfaces is a concern, as is the long term condition of our property. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd. specializes in wood deck cleaning, as well as gates, rails, and composites used in construction. We use environmentally safe products that will not harm your children, pets, or landscaping, and they will not stain or mark the surfaces. Our cleaning systems use a soft wash method that protects your deck materials but leaves them so clean that they can be sealed or stained after drying sufficiently. We can also clean your fencing or siding on a home to keep it looking clean and attractive.

One type of cleaning we are especially pleased to offer is stonework. Many companies do not like to do stone retaining walls, foundations, or especially fireplaces and outside ovens. We know how to properly clean stonework so the algae and mold is removed, as well as dirt and grime, without damaging your mortar or grout. We also clean tile surfaces on patios and lanais, and both the tile and grout will look like new when we are finished. Our rates are very reasonable, and we always provide free estimates for the work you need completed. D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd is a locally owned and operated company. We are licensed and insured, and participate in the WorkSafe BC program. When you need a deck or patio cleaned, call us at 250-244-3696, or go to our Contact page to book an appointment. You will find our services efficient, fairly priced, environmentally safe, and our customer service outstanding. We will remove the grit, grime, moss and mold from your outside surfaces fast, leaving a clean job site and an attractive finished project.

Affordable Rates to Clean Decks, Patio’s and Railings, or any Other Surface of Your Home Exterior.

We use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and we use the right equipment for the job.

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