Exterior House Cleaning in Nanaimo

Advanced Ways of Cleaning Home Exteriors

Home owners need not be reminded to wash the interiors of their homes. However, often times the exteriors of a house are left neglected. However, recent times have shown an increase in the number of people who avail services for cleaning the exteriors of their houses. Exterior cleaning services include gutter washing in Nanaimo amongst other things like cleaning of the drive ways, the sidewalks, decks and railings, window screens, roof moss removal, etc. And most service providers opt for power washing in Nanaimo for the harder surfaces made of concrete and soft washing for the surfaces made of wood or soft material.

Power washing v soft washing

Power washing in Nanaimo is a method of cleaning that typically involves the use of water sprayed at high pressure. This generally is about 2500 pounds per square inch (PSI) and is suited for surfaces made of hard substances like concrete. Therefore, it is preferred by cleaning professionals for cleaning concrete sidewalks and driveways. This method of washing typically seeks to remove the dirt using the force of water itself and does not generally involve the use of a cleaning agent. Cleaning professionals do not opt for power washing in Nanaimo especially when it comes to softer surfaces like window screens, vinyl panels, painted wood or gutter washing in Nanaimo as the high pressured water could cause damage and disturb the paint. Instead, soft washing is preferred to clean these surfaces.

Gutter washing in Nanaimo

The purpose of gutters is to redirect water that falls on the roof through downspouts to a drainage system. This is important as water collected on the roof could lead to leaky roofs and damage both the exteriors and the interiors of the house. Gutter washing in Nanaimo is being trusted with service providers as they employ professionals who are equipped with just the right tools for the job and especially because there is an increased awareness to use environmental and non-hazardous cleaning agents. While gutter washing in Nanaimo cannot be said to be a task one cannot undertake without availing professional help. To do so, in addition to being cumbersome and time consuming, is also risky and could end up being ineffective. Moreover, the choice of the right equipment and cleaning agent and method of cleaning to be adopted – be it soft washing or power washing in Nanaimo is something only professionals specifically trained for such cleaning will be able to make so as to ensure best results.

How often must cleaning be done?

There is no hard and fast rule as to the intervals between one cleaning and the next. It might be required in shorter intervals during some seasons of the year and there could be longer intervals between cleaning appointments during other times of the year. The types of cleaning preferred also differ. The frequency of cleaning depends entirely upon the climate of the place, the foliage in one’s yard and the season of the year.

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